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Gala Denver Matucana 100

[flickrset id=”72157627340659136″ thumbnail=”thumbnail” photos=”12″ overlay=”true” size=”large”] En esta ocación hicimos una escultura mapping para nuestra banda amiga denver en su gala, esto fue efectuado en matucana 100, una experiencia totalmente satisfactoria para el team vertx.

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APPARATI EFFIMERI // Mapping on Trees

Apparati Effimeri work on the urban environment in a non-invasive way, giving life to the preexisting shapes. With this work, trees become a live screen of video projections as well as the subject itself. location: Botanical garden, Bologna date: July … Sigue leyendo

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NYX Visual presents: “CLOUD” : A massive sculpture inspired by the work of Dutch artist Gerard Caris using 140 pentagons creating a cloud of shapes reacting and evolving with the music performance of Minus label most known live artist: Jon … Sigue leyendo

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DODECAUDION – preview #1

Brief and spontaneous preview of what you may expect from Dodecaudion – a spatial a/v controller based on infrared distance sensors, arduino, bluetooth, osc, processing and (in this case) reaktor5. Official video is going to be released in mid august … Sigue leyendo

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NIKE 3D ILLUMINATION (3D projection mapping),Tokyo

NIKE shop 10th event. The shoebox is made beforehand. The projection was done to the shoebox in the show window. 2010 winter,Tokyo,Japan Credits Creative Director&Movie Director: Takuya Matsumoto Editor:Shinji Yamada Music:Takuya Takahashi Designer:Koji Sakane,Chisako Takeda Projection Engineer: Kenta Kakoki,Takahiro Nakase,Yohei … Sigue leyendo

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Living Room

He created a unique physical 3D video mapping experience by turning a white living room into a spacious 360° projection area. This technique allowed us to take control of all colors, patterns and textures of the furniture, wallpapers and carpet. … Sigue leyendo

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FaceOSC JAM2 and Ableton

FaceOSC is a tool for prototyping face-based interaction. It’s built on non-commercial open source FaceTracker code from Jason Saragih. FaceOSC linked up to Ableton Live via Just Add Music 2 Basic testing of​26098366

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Expo Vertx + Madhaus + Kitty Kills

[flickrset id=”72157627216380639″ thumbnail=”thumbnail” photos=”12″ overlay=”true” size=”large”] Esta expo art se hizo el dia 15 de Junio, en Terraza Isidora Goyenechea. Artistas: Cucho:​photos/​lacosa/​ Mati:​photos/​santeria1984/​ Ubses:​photos/​spaceubses/​ Mono Lira:​monolira vertx: Agradecemos a todos los que vinieron!

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Spiral Vortx

[flickrset id=”72157627340692980″ thumbnail=”square” photos=”12″ overlay=”true” size=”large”] Software modul8 + madmapper + aftereffects + cinema4D Humans Behind: Andrew , naik, trim-extend vertx family

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Reel Vertx 2010

[flickrset id=”72157627216562105″ thumbnail=”thumbnail” photos=”12″ overlay=”true” size=”large”] Generamos experiencias interactivas a traves del diseño de entornos plásticos-arquitectónicos, adaptamos superficies y volumenes mediante proyecciones digitales en función de prácticas educativas o de esparcimiento humano. Humanos: Andrés Terrisse – Director Nicolas Quiroz – … Sigue leyendo

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